Massage-O-Matic, the massage chair for airports and public spaces


The Massage-o-Matic is a product born out of experience. It consists of a shiatsu massage chair within a designer enclosure complete with audio and video, which are designed to further enhance the five-minute massage session and offer travellers an even greater sense of well-being. The massage starts after payment via a contact-free payment terminal.


The Massage-o-Matic is an excellent service for travellers and therefore of great added value to your location. To date, more than forty Massage-o-Matics have been installed at Amsterdam Airport Schiphol. Our products can also be found at many smaller airports as well as on board the ferries to Great Britain.

The Massage-o-Matic stands out in various ways:

  • Unique design
  • Wellness Experience
  • Smooth implementation

public locations

The Massage-o-Matic is also ideal for use in public locations such as shopping centres, train stations and ferries. The unique modern design of the Massage-o-Matic offers users the peace and privacy they desire. For locations such as hotels and petrol stations that offer more privacy, we have developed the Smartchair. More and more businesses are choosing a designer massage chair with manual operation.

How it works

Custom design; the design of the Massage-o-Matic can be tailored to the existing interior. The Massage-o-Matic is made from materials that meet the requirements of the strictest European regulations.

A shiatsu massage takes five minutes and payments are processed via a cashless payment terminal.

Installation and maintenance are handled by an expert team of technicians. Our service team is available 24/7.

An agreement is signed with a local facilities services company for cleaning the Massage-o-Matic and resolving any malfunctions.


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For more information and an interesting investment proposal, please contact:

Massage-O-Matic BV Nederland
Michiel Versprille

Massage-O-Matic International BV
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