Massage-O-Matic, the massage chair for airports and public spaces

Massage-O-Matic for airports

The Massage-O-Matic is a unique massage chair with a modern design. The chair combines a traditional Shiatsu massage with privacy and tranquility. The Massage-O-Matic offers five minute massages for two euro’s and can be activated with coins and card payment.

The Massage-O-Matic was developed specifically for airports, to offer both an attractive design and a state-of-the-art massage chair, as a valuable addition to an airports customer experience. Moreover, the Massage-O-Matic offers excellent additional revenue for your airport.

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No Investment Needed

Massage-O-Matic’s are placed at your airport or in your public space free of charge, the entire initial investment is on us. Moreover, for the duration of our cooperation we will share an agreed percentage of revenues. We would be happy to prepare a proposal for you.

Unique Design with Privacy

The modern design of the Massage-O-Matic is appealing and offers the user tranquility and privacy. The design of the Massage-O-Matic is tailored to your location, to blend well with the interior of your airport. All materials used to build the Massage-O-Matic meet the strictest European safety requirements.

Best Customer Experience

The five minute Shiatsu massage for two euro’s provides relaxation, improved blood circulation and an energy boost and our unique design offers privacy and tranquility. We offer great value for money and customers have rewarded us with a 4,4 out of 5 rating*.

* Source: Facebook reviews per september 2015

Smooth Implementation & Maintenance

Massage chairs have the reputation of giving facility managers a headache. Massage-O-Matic does the opposite. Our implementation is smooth, all materials we use meet the strictest European safety requirements and we arrange a partnership with a facility services provider at your location to ensure the Massage-O-Matic’s are always up & running and in an impeccable state.

“By adding the Massage-O-Matic to our existing wellness facilities we are now able to offer travellers a full wellness program”.