Massage-O-Matic, the massage chair for airports and public spaces

Massage-O-Matic for offices

Massage-O-Matic combines a five minute Shiatsu massage and a uniquely designed massage chair that provides privacy and tranquility. After our big breakthrough at Schiphol Airport, more and more companies are choosing to cooperate with Massage-O-Matic for their offices, thereby providing employees with relaxing, revitalising massages.

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Massage-O-Matic at the T-Mobile Headquarters in The Hague

We operate more than 40 Massage-O-Matics at Schiphol Airport

Massage-O-Matic for airports

The Massage-O-Matic is more than a massage chair: a great service for travellers and excellent additional revenues for your airport. Massage-O-Matic provides a unique offering:

  • No Investment Needed
  • Unique Design with Privacy
  • Great Customer Experience
  • Smooth Implementation & Maintenance

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We are proud of our long-term partnerships with leading airports and businesses.

About the Massage-O-Matic

The Massage-O-Matic is a unique, modern design massage chair that combines a traditional shiatsu massage chair with privacy and tranquility. The Massage-O-Matic was designed specifically for offices, airports and other public spaces, like terminals, ferry’s and shopping malls.


“By adding the Massage-O-Matic to our existing wellness facilities we are now able to offer travellers a full wellness program”.