Massage-O-Matic, the massage chair for airports and public spaces

Massage-O-Matic for offices

The Massage-O-Matic for offices in an inspiring gesture to employees and visitors. The modern, unique design is an appealing addition and offers the user privacy and tranquility.

How it works

The five minute Shiatsu massage is activated by a push button – without costs for the employee. The massage combines relaxation with an energy boost and improved blood circulation. The perfect break from a busy working day that reduces sick-leave!

Massage-O-Matic at your office?

We would be happy to discuss opportunities for Massage-O-Matic at your office and prepare a good proposal for you.

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Custom Design

The modern design of the Massage-O-Matic is tailored to your office, to blend in well with your brand and your offices interior design. The complete appearance of the Massage-O-Matic (color and text) can be tailored to your corporate colors and preferences. All materials used to build the Massage-O-Matic meet the strictest European safety requirements.

Employee Satisfaction

The Massage-O-Matic provides a moment of calm and relaxation, as well as an energy boost and improved blood circulation. Less sick-leave and more satisfied employees!

Flexible Financing

Massage-O-Matic offers flexible financing solutions like purchase, rent or lease. We would be happy to advise on the suitable solution for your office.

Smooth Implementation & Maintenance

The placement and maintenance of the Massage-O-Matics is done an experience technical team. Moreover, our service team is available 24/7 and ready to help when required.